The southern lands of Faerun were always a bit more wild than most other places, though there were great hubs of shining commerce and trade dotting the wilderlands. The advent of the Spellplague in the Year of Blue Fire (1385 DR) after the death of Mystra, goddess of magic, changed all that when sweeping cerulean flames raced across the continent, altering landscapes, transposing lost portions of the twin-world of Abeir over the face of Faerun, shattering gods, cities and mountains alike while altering the very fabric of reality. Some realms escaped this catastrophe with only minor changes, while others were completely torn asunder and vanished in the killing blue flames. Wild magic raged unchecked for some time after, but within a few decades the majority of these pockets of Spellplague ceased to flare up, becoming contained in only certain locales. Few places saw as much changed as did the Shining South, with climate shifts, major geographical alterations, including the transposition of two wholly new realms from the world of Abeir, home of the Dawn Titans, in the far northern reaches of the Shining South.

Once the wild magic died down, the races of the Shining South were left forever scarred. The Shaar, once a verdant savannah, became nothing more than a desolate wasteland of hot winds, scouring sands, and dangerous nomads. The elves of the Misty Vale were driven out of their exile and into the plains to the west as the drought withered the forest within which they had been isolated for centuries. The Border Kingdoms saw much upheaval, with the death of many of their stabilizing leaders, and lawlessness took hold. The dwarves of the East Rift lost the great stronghold of Underhome as the lands above their homeland came crashing down into the Underdark, leveling many subterranean refuges and displacing the homes of their traditional enemies. Luiren, the halfling homeland, and Var the Golden were overtaken by a huge tidal wave that left nothing but sunken cities and shattered homes once it’s fury was complete. All that is left is the former Bay of Dancing Dolphins, now the Gulf of Luiren in honor of the lost halfling kingdom. The monster-infested land of Veldorn, and the commerce-driven lands of Durpar and Estagund, as well as the small kingdom of Ulgarth, now dominate the areas where these kingdoms once ruled with them. The Chondalwood is a Spellplague-infested jungle with deep connections to the Feywild, the realm of Faerie, and is bisected by the Plaugewrought Land, the largest active pocket of Spellplague in Faerun today. Halruaa, the once-great kingdom of arcanists and one of the most magically powerful countries in Faerun was leveled in a titanic magical blast during the advent of the Spellplague that blew huge portions of the mountain ranges surrounding it to shattered dust. Dambrath managed to finally shake off the oppressive yoke of their Crinti masters, sending the half-drow priestesses of Loviatar into hiding, and shattering their seats of power. The lands of Lapaliiya, Tashalar and Samarach to the far west that once lead to the Chultan Peninsula are now nothing but a series of archipelagos that lead to the island of Chult, having been drowned by the upheavals of land and water during the Spellplague.

You are the scions of this land, the Scarred South, where death meets life, and trouble is never far off.

Scions of the Scarred South